We are a family owned business who love making snacks that we enjoyed in South Africa.

Now we may be more expensive but each item is individually crafted and our meat is 21-day dry aged which makes all the difference in quality, your taste buds will notice and thank you for your choice.


We are a family who love making snacks that we discovered in South Africa but are not readily available here in the UK (well not to the standard we enjoyed anyway). My name is Michael and along with my daughter Sarah we started making these snacks for the family and then shared them with our friends and neighbours in the village, the response was so overwhelming that during lockdown we decided to share it with the rest of the UK. Biltong is our favourite, of course, and we will be expanding the range soon.

Our Products

We make artisan South African snacks, most particularly famous for our uniquely flavoured biltong whose beef is sourced locally, organic and 21-day aged for that uniquely tender taste.